Leveraging Risk Intelligence & Quantitative Modeling to face Emerging Risks

While the World is already facing Global Warming and socio-economic evolutions, new Emerging Risks and geopolitical disruptions are making its comprehension even more complex. Observing the occuring changes is no longer enough, but assessing their economic and social effects by leveraging Risk Intelligence is becoming a real necessity to make the best decisions in stressed situations.

Risk Intelligence refers to the capacity for an Organization to identify, assess and track any inside weakness or any external threat, which can have a critical impact on its operations and its environment. By designing cutting-edge Risk Modeling technologies, LYON RE provides Insurers, Reinsurers, Insurance-Linked Securities Funds and Corporate Institutions with Data-driven Risk insights and prospective Risk monitoring to empower Risk detection and mitigation.


Quantitative Risk Insights
& Data-driven Analytics

Financial Loss Simulations
& Economic Impact Analysis

Risk Intelligence
& Predictive Monitoring

& Risk Detection

Risk Footprint
& Exposures Modeling

Catastrophic Events
& Accumulation Risks

Cyber Risks & Extreme Risks

LYON RE is an Insurtech Company specialized in Cyber Risk and Extreme Risk Engineering. By leveraging predictive Risk Modeling capabilities and Data-driven exclusive Actuarial expertise, LYON RE helps the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry, Governments and Corporate Institutions to empower their Risk Intelligence strategy.

Specialty Risk Engineering