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Climate change and increasing natural hazard combined with socio-economic evolutions and fast-paced emerging technological threats make global risks comprehension even more complex. Observing the occuring change is no longer enough: imagining new alternative risk financing strategies becomes a critical necessity to face a continuous protection gap enlargment and turn our society into a more safer place.

LYON RE structures and trades a full range of state-of-the-art insurance and reinsurance solutions within a global network of risk carriers. Our proprietary AI-assisted technology helps us to fine-tune superior risk management strategies in weeks and optimize your return on investment.

We bring to our Clients relevant experience in the most complex insurance, reinsurance and catastrophic bonds deals with a dynamic, data-driven and holistic approach. All implemented programs are reviewing by a Certified Actuary. We share our most technical works in actuarial articles (discover our testimony), business workshops (350+ insurance professionals trained), scientific conferences... Please feel free to contact us, we would be very pleased to help you.

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