Structuring and Trading Risks for Cutting-Edge Organizations



Technological disruptions are source of impressive progress but lead to fast-paced emerging risks and new global threats. Associated with sharp business competition and persistent geopolitical instability, cyber attacks make the world even more dangerous and understanding their operational impacts becomes a critical necessity to turn our society into a more safer place. Our real-time risk analytical platform compiles huge volumes of worldwide cyber risk data, models 5000+ cyber attack techniques and leverages proprietary deep learning algorithms to quantify precisely cyber attacks accumulations at industry and continental scale. Because we are profoundly convinced that dynamic probabilistic cyber risk monitoring is the best option to predict cyber attacks paths and quantify their economic footprint in the real world.


Climate change and increasing natural hazard combined with socio-economic evolutions make global risks comprehension even more complex. Observing the occuring change is no longer enough and ageing risk management techniques will not face a continuous protection gap enlargment. Leveraging 50+ trillion of geographical exposures data, our forefront award-winning platform applies proprietary data science and unique risk structuring optimization algorithms to fine-tune global risk-adjusted protections (indemnity, parametric, market loss index...) and turn actionable risk insights into a superior risk intelligence strategy. Because we believe that building and analyzing millions of risk management strategies leads to the smartest decisions in challenging situations.


In an ageing society with strong social inequalities, access to essential health services constitutes a constant struggle. Financing dependency and medical cost rise on a long-term basis is certainly one of the most important mission insurance professionals must tackle. Then, a tailored biometric risk structuring strategy is key to achieve a profitable growth and optimize capital returns over decades. Performing thousands longevity and mortality risk management strategies within multiple counterparty and liquidity stochastic scenarios, our proven platform optimizes innovative parametric and multi-parametric protections for efficient and durable biometric risk trading. Because we have the strong conviction that a long-term approach of biometric risks which leverages the best risk transfer techniques will contribute to a healthy well-being for all of us.