Structuring & Trading Catastrophic Risk Hedging and Derivative Solutions



Climate change and increasing natural hazard combined with socio-economic evolutions and fast-paced emerging technological threats make global risks comprehension even more complex. Observing the occuring change is no longer enough: imagining new alternative risk financing strategies becomes a critical necessity to face a continuous protection gap enlargment and turn our society into a more safer place.

LYON RE structures and trades a full range of state-of-the-art catastrophic risk hedging and derivative solutions within a global network of risk carriers. By applying proprietary AI-assisted technology and best-in-class data science, we arrange cutting-edge risk-adjusted protections and transform actionable risk insights into a superior risk intelligence strategy.

We share our works in technical actuarial articles, business workshops, scientific conferences and lead a strong R&D initiative on Blockchain and Big Data. We embrace catastrophic risk financing challenges with a dynamic, data-driven and holistic approach and leverage many innovative sources of capital, consistent with our Clients needs, to hedge efficiently the most catastrophic events.

What We Trade

What We Structure

  • Insurance
  • Reinsurance (Treaty & Facultative)
  • Industry Loss Warranty
  • Catastrophic Derivative